The Research Lab

My lab group investigates the relationship individuals have with the physical settings and social groups in which they are embedded. The primary projects we are currently exploring focus on:

  • How the the design and architecture of religious settings predict and influence the beliefs, motivations, and emotional experiences of the people who worship there
  • The role intellectual humility plays in facilitating group performance and interpersonal discourse

Click on Research to learn more about these projects. If you are a student interested in working with me on this research, please fill out this application form and email it back to me.

Undergraduate Research Assistants


Caitlyn Heidenga, Linnea Hjelm, Michala Ringquist


Franklin & Marshall College: Sophia Carpiniello, Lily Fortin, Madeline Kaplan, Anna Markovitz, Najee Mendes, Leeza Rojas, Regan Bolotin, Karen Sauter

Baylor University: Fahad Ali, Abigail Combs, Alana Miller, Courtney Moore

University of Connecticut: Marc Blesso, Danielle Calabrese, Alexis Doering, Paulina Grzybowksi, Joshua Kent, Devika Prasad, Christopher Russo, Akshitha Thatiparthi, Markie Theophile, Melissa Volo, Michael Ward, Shruti Yedave, Sarah Ziomek